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    World’s Best Beaches

    Premieres Tue, 7th Mar at 9pm UAE

    From surfing and swimming to snorkeling and sailing, the series features every beach activity under the sun. Along with jaw-dropping photography, there’s also archival footage that captures what these exclusive resorts were like in days gone by.

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    Restoration Man

    Premieres Sun, 19th Mar at 9pm UAE

    George Clarke is The Restoration Man. He wants to breathe new life into these aged structures, and ultimately help their new owners to restore and convert vulnerable wrecks into totally unique and beautiful dream homes.

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    Chasing the Sun

    Premieres Wed, 22nd Mar at 9pm UAE

    Chasing the Sun is not your typical travel show as it is set in a way that tells a story through the People of the country Stephen meets along the way. As the Locals tell their stories, Stephen uses each experience to rediscover who he is. This is a story about Chasing the Sun and finding happiness along the way.

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    Confucius Was a Foodie s2

    Every Thu at 9pm UAE

    Join celebrity Chef Christine Cushing on a 7-part, fun, foodie-inspired adventure, exploring the foods, history and culture of traditional Chinese cuisines.


Sunday March 26 , 2017 UAE Timing
Bangkok Airport 12:00am
Confucius Was a Foodie 12:50am
Chasing the Sun 1:40am
Mega Food 2:05am
Croatia's Finest 2:55am
Charlie Luxton's Homes By The Med 3:20am
Rustic Adventure Argentina 4:10am
Andy And Ben Eat The World 4:35am
Restoration Man 5:00am
Raw Travel 5:50am
Cool Spaces 6:20am
Confucius Was a Foodie 7:15am
Grandma's Boy 8:10am
Grandma's Boy 8:35am
The Great Food Revolution 9:05am
Route Awakening 10:00am
Andy And Ben Eat The World 10:25am
Andy And Ben Eat The World 10:55am
Andy And Ben Eat The World 11:20am
Chasing the Sun 11:50am
World's Best Beaches 12:15pm
Rustic Adventure Argentina 1:10pm
Mega Food 1:40pm
Fusion Forager 2:35pm
Grandma's Boy 3:30pm
Charlie Luxton's Homes By The Med 3:55pm
Restoration Man 4:50pm
Raw Travel 5:45pm
Cool Spaces 6:15pm
Cruise Ship Diaries 7:10pm
Charlie Luxton's Homes By The Med 8:05pm
Restoration Man 9:00pm
Raw Travel 9:55pm
Cool Spaces 10:20pm
Cruise Ship Diaries 11:10pm