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    Chef on the Road: In Korea

    Premieres Tue, 9th May at 9pm UAE

    Celebrity chef, Ryan Clift, embarks on a journey of inspiration to South Korea along with fellow celebrity chef Edward Kwon who teaches him the basic ingredients of Korean cuisine, such as Kimchi, Banchan, Doen-jang and Gochu-jang.

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    David Rocco's Dolce Vita s6

    Premieres Thu, 11th May at 9pm UAE

    In the sixth season of David Rocco’s Dolce Vita, David is in Naples to embark on a culinary adventure. Through David, the audience gets a chance to experience the real Naples and the Neapolitan culture.

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    Straight To The Source: Korean Food

    Premieres Tue, 16th May at 9pm UAE

    Todd English, the international celebrity Chef along with Korean celebrity Ricky Kim identifies the four key ingredients of Korean food. He demonstrates how these ingredients are harvested and cooked in a delicious and healthy manner.

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    Andy And Ben Eat Australia

    Every Fri at 9pm UAE

    With his first restaurant under way, Andy Allen hits the road with an appetite to discover what’s on Australia’s menu. Eat Australia is a new frontier in food documentary series.


Tuesday April 25 , 2017 UAE Timing
Lucky Chow 12:00am
Dog Whisperer 12:25am
Food Lover's Guide To The Planet 1:15am
The Game Chef 1:40am
Raw Travel 2:05am
Dog Whisperer 2:30am
Living Free With Kimi Werner 3:20am
Charlie Luxton's Homes By The Med 4:10am
Patisserie With Michel Roux Jr 5:00am
Places We Go 5:50am
Lyndey Milan - Taste of Australia 6:20am
My Restaurant in India 6:45am
Chasing the Sun 7:15am
Chasing the Sun 7:40am
Raw Travel 8:10am
Dog Whisperer 8:35am
Living Free With Kimi Werner 9:30am
Charlie Luxton's Homes By The Med 10:25am
Patisserie With Michel Roux Jr 11:20am
Places We Go 12:15pm
Lyndey Milan - Taste of Australia 12:45pm
My Restaurant in India 1:10pm
Raw Travel 1:40pm
Dog Whisperer 2:05pm
Living Free With Kimi Werner 3:00pm
Places We Go 3:55pm
Lyndey Milan - Taste of Australia 4:25pm
Chocolate Perfection With Michel… 4:50pm
Croatia's Finest 5:45pm
Croatia's Finest 6:15pm
My Restaurant in India 6:40pm
Chasing the Sun 7:10pm
Chasing the Sun 7:35pm
Places We Go 8:05pm
Lyndey Milan - Taste of Australia 8:30pm
Chocolate Perfection With Michel… 9:00pm
Croatia's Finest 9:55pm
Croatia's Finest 10:20pm
My Restaurant in India 10:45pm
Chasing the Sun 11:10pm
Chasing the Sun 11:35pm