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    Isa Rodeo Outback Adventure

    Premieres Tue, 24th Apr at 8:05pm UAE

    The Mount Isa Rodeo is the quintessential Australian outback festival full of rich history and culture and it’s an event that has come to personify the 'outback way of life'.

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    Pond Stars

    Every Sun at 8:05pm UAE

    Pond Stars is an occu-soap reality series centered on the pond and water feature design and Build Company known as Aquascape They are also on a mission with their spectacular ponds - to reconnect people with the nature around them.

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    United Plates of America

    Every Tue at 11pm UAE

    Host Gary Takle travels to the big cities of The United States of America to discover the underlying food culture that exists in every town.

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    George Clarke's Amazing Spaces S7

    Every Thu at 11pm UAE

    George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces returns for its 7th series. Over ten episodes, architect George Clarke and master craftsman Will Hardie travel around the UK to see the nation’s most ingenious and eccentric builds being created by our pioneering small space designers.


Friday March 23 , 2018 UAE Timing
Eat Street 12:50am
Chasing the Sun 1:15am
Maximum Foodie 1:45am
Miguel's Tropical Kitchen 2:10am
Chasing Time 2:40am
Chasing the Sun 3:05am
Confucius Was a Foodie 3:35am
What's For Sale? 4:30am
What's For Sale? 4:55am
Dog Whisperer 5:25am
Dog Whisperer 6:20am
Food School 7:15am
Food School 7:40am
Chasing Time 8:10am
Chasing the Sun 8:35am
Confucius Was a Foodie 9:05am
What's For Sale? 10:00am
What's For Sale? 10:25am
Dog Whisperer 10:55am
Dog Whisperer 11:50am
Food School 12:45pm
Food School 1:10pm
Food Lover's Guide To The Planet 1:40pm
Chasing the Sun 2:05pm
Confucius Was a Foodie 2:35pm
What's For Sale? 3:30pm
What's For Sale? 3:55pm
Dog Whisperer 4:25pm
Dog Whisperer 5:20pm
Food School 6:15pm
Food School 6:40pm
Eat Street 7:10pm
Chasing the Sun 7:35pm
Confucius Was a Foodie 8:05pm
What's For Sale? 9:00pm
What's For Sale? 9:30pm
Dog Whisperer 10:00pm
Dog Whisperer 11:00pm
Food School 11:55pm