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    What’s For Sale s3

    Premieres Sat, 3rd June at 8:30pm UAE

    Finding the ultimate place to relax can be anything but relaxing. With wish lists and budgets in hand, buyers enlist realtor Rob Serediuk to show them what For Sale is and help them find their ideal vacation home.

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    Bad Trip

    Premieres Sun, 11th Jun at 11:55pm UAE

    Bad Trip is a travel series that takes a closer look at seemingly idyllic vacations that unravel before the eyes of the travelers who are on them.

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    Korean Soul Food

    Premieres Tue, 13th June at 9pm UAE

    With a sound reputation of being healthy, balanced and flavorsome, Korean food has drawn global attention and attracted people around the world to visit the bustling capital city, Seoul.

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    Island Hunter

    Premieres Wed, 14th June at 9pm UAE

    Island Hunter shows you how to find the best spots to party, the hippest bars and lounges, the most luxurious resorts, and of course, the unique cuisines that define each of these paradise destinations.


Wednesday June 21 , 2017 UAE Timing
Cesar's Recruit: Asia 12:20am
Places We Go 12:50am
Places We Go 1:15am
David Rocco's Dolce India 1:45am
Ariana's Persian Kitchen 2:10am
Ariana's Persian Kitchen 2:40am
Straight To The Source: Korean Food 3:05am
Mega Food 3:35am
Miguel's Feasts 4:30am
Miguel's Feasts 4:55am
Island Hunter 5:25am
What's For Sale? 6:20am
What's For Sale? 6:45am
Charlie Luxton's Homes By The Sea 7:15am
Ariana's Persian Kitchen 8:10am
Straight To The Source: Korean Food 8:35am
Mega Food 9:05am
Miguel's Feasts 10:00am
Miguel's Feasts 10:25am
Island Hunter 10:55am
What's For Sale? 11:50am
What's For Sale? 12:15pm
Straight To The Source: Korean Food 12:45pm
A Is For Apple 1:10pm
A Is For Apple 1:40pm
Ariana's Persian Kitchen 2:05pm
Ariana's Persian Kitchen 2:35pm
Rustic Adventure Argentina 3:00pm
Mega Food 3:30pm
Miguel's Feasts 4:25pm
Great Escapes 4:50pm
Island Hunter 5:20pm
What's For Sale? 6:15pm
What's For Sale? 6:40pm
Charlie Luxton's Homes By The Sea 7:10pm
Miguel's Feasts 8:05pm
Great Escapes 8:30pm
Island Hunter 9:00pm
What's For Sale? 10:00pm
What's For Sale? 10:30pm
Charlie Luxton's Homes By The Sea 11:00pm
Ariana's Persian Kitchen 11:55pm