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    John Torode's Asia

    Every Mon at 11:25pm UAE

    Chef John Torode has gone on an incredible journey to track down the best food from Asia. He uses his travel to discover tips and tricks for local recipes, and gets to know the locals themselves and uncovers some fascinating personal stories.

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    A Taste of South Africa

    Every Wed at 10:30pm UAE

    Discover the country’s delicious diversity as Chef Matt Tebbutt makes meals with farmers, chefs, cooks and an assortment of other enthusiastic eaters and explores regional specialties, heritage recipes and contemporary culture in equal measures.

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    Miguel’s Feasts S2

    Every Thu at 10:30pm UAE

    Miguel Maestre is the smiling Spaniard who has become the new superstar of the Australian food scene. Pursuing his passion for creating beautiful cuisine around the world, this loveable, irrepressible chef is now on the road in his adopted home to taste the luscious secrets of multicultural Australia.

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    Building Wild

    Every Sat at 9pm UAE

    Men are fleeing the 9 to 5 and heading into the wild, determined to create their own unplugged paradise.


Tuesday December 19 , 2017 UAE Timing
Places We Go 12:20am
Confucius Was a Foodie 12:50am
Miguel's Feasts 1:45am
Food School 2:10am
Tom's Istanbul Delight 2:40am
David Rocco's Dolce Vita 3:05am
What's For Sale? 3:35am
What's For Sale? 4:00am
Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia 4:30am
David Rocco's Dolce India 4:55am
Wineroads 5:25am
Wineroads 5:50am
George Clarke's Amazing Spaces 6:20am
Carnival Eats 7:15am
Stepping Out 7:40am
Tom's Istanbul Delight 8:10am
David Rocco's Dolce Vita 8:35am
What's For Sale? 9:05am
What's For Sale? 9:30am
Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia 10:00am
David Rocco's Dolce India 10:25am
Wineroads 10:55am
Wineroads 11:20am
George Clarke's Amazing Spaces 11:50am
Carnival Eats 12:45pm
Stepping Out 1:10pm
Fish of the Day 1:40pm
Fish of the Day 2:05pm
What's For Sale? 2:35pm
What's For Sale? 3:00pm
Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia 3:30pm
Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia 3:55pm
India's Mega Kitchen 4:25pm
George Clarke's Amazing Spaces 5:20pm
Carnival Eats 6:15pm
Stepping Out 6:40pm
Miguel's Feasts 7:10pm
Maximum Foodie 7:35pm
India's Mega Kitchen 8:05pm
George Clarke's Amazing Spaces 9:00pm
Carnival Eats 10:00pm
Stepping Out 10:30pm
Miguel's Feasts 11:00pm
Maximum Foodie 11:25pm
Fish of the Day 11:55pm