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    Exploring Macau with Julian Davison

    Premieres Fri, 16th Feb at 10pm UAE

    Julian Davison – historian and anthropologist – is on a mission to uncover the true face of Macau. Today Macau leads the world’s casino industry, but beneath the allure of the bright lights lays its true charm.

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    Confucius Was a Foodie S3

    Premieres Sat, 17th Feb at 11pm UAE

    Celebrity Chef Christine Cushing takes viewers along as she explores the beginnings, the present and the future of Chinese cuisine in North America.

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    Restoration Man S3

    Every Sun at 11pm UAE

    George Clarke helps rescue neglected architectural treasures across Britain.

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    John Torode's Asia

    Every Mon at 10:30pm UAE

    Chef John Torode has gone on an incredible journey to track down the best food from Asia. He uses his travel to discover tips and tricks for local recipes, and gets to know the locals themselves and uncovers some fascinating personal stories.


Friday January 19 , 2018 UAE Timing
Places We Go 12:50am
Places We Go 1:15am
Miguel's Feasts 1:45am
Food Lover's Guide To The Planet 2:10am
Charlie Luxton's Homes by the Sea 2:40am
My Pacific Quest 3:35am
Raw Travel 4:30am
Raw Travel 4:55am
The Food Files 5:25am
The Food Files 5:50am
Cruise Ship Diaries 6:20am
Cruise Ship Diaries 6:45am
My Restaurant in India 7:15am
My Restaurant in India 7:40am
Charlie Luxton's Homes by the Sea 8:10am
My Pacific Quest 9:05am
Raw Travel 10:00am
Raw Travel 10:25am
The Food Files 10:55am
The Food Files 11:20am
Cruise Ship Diaries 11:50am
Cruise Ship Diaries 12:15pm
My Restaurant in India 12:45pm
My Restaurant in India 1:10pm
Places We Go 1:40pm
Places We Go 2:05pm
My Pacific Quest 2:35pm
Raw Travel 3:30pm
Raw Travel 3:55pm
The Food Files 4:25pm
The Food Files 4:50pm
Cruise Ship Diaries 5:20pm
Cruise Ship Diaries 5:45pm
My Restaurant in India 6:15pm
My Restaurant in India 6:40pm
Places We Go 7:10pm
Places We Go 7:35pm
My Pacific Quest 8:05pm
Raw Travel 9:00pm
Raw Travel 9:30pm
The Food Files 10:00pm
The Food Files 10:30pm
Cruise Ship Diaries 11:00pm
Cruise Ship Diaries 11:25pm
My Restaurant in India 11:55pm