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    Bondi Beach: History in the Making

    Premieres Sat, 28th Jul at 8:05pm UAE

    A world class documentary series showcasing the journey of Bondi from a quiet suburban Aussie beach to one of the most popular and well recognized places on Earth.

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    Building Wild S2

    Every Thu at 11pm UAE

    Watch Paulie and Tuffy help put vision to wild cabin ideas. From a cabin atop a mountain to an aviation themed one, see how cabins with revolutionary designs are built.

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    Bondi Lifeguards Hawaiian Adventure

    Every Sat at 8:05pm UAE

    Join Reidy, Whippet, Harris, Corey and Julianna as they accept a challenge to take on something they thought was impossible – the grueling Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard World Champs.


Wednesday July 18 , 2018 UAE Timing
Andy and Ben Eat Australia 12:50am
Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia 1:15am
John Torode's Asia 1:45am
Glamour Puds 2:10am
This Is Brazil 2:40am
Fish Tank Kings 3:35am
My Dubai 4:30am
Fish of the Day 4:55am
A Is for Apple 5:25am
What's for Sale with a View 5:50am
David Rocco's Dolce Africa 6:20am
David Rocco's Dolce Africa 6:45am
Eat: The Story of Food 7:15am
This Is Brazil 8:10am
Fish Tank Kings 9:05am
My Dubai 10:00am
Fish of the Day 10:25am
A Is for Apple 10:55am
What's for Sale with a View 11:20am
David Rocco's Dolce Africa 11:50am
David Rocco's Dolce Africa 12:15pm
Eat: The Story of Food 12:45pm
This Is Brazil 1:40pm
Fish Tank Kings 2:35pm
My Dubai 3:30pm
Fish of the Day 3:55pm
A Is for Apple 4:25pm
What's for Sale with a View 4:50pm
David Rocco's Dolce Africa 5:20pm
David Rocco's Dolce Africa 5:45pm
Chocolate Perfection 6:15pm
Glamour Puds 7:10pm
The Game Chef 7:35pm
Fish Tank Kings 8:05pm
My Dubai 9:00pm
Fish of the Day 9:30pm
A Is for Apple 10:00pm
What's for Sale with a View 10:30pm
David Rocco's Dolce Africa 11:00pm
David Rocco's Dolce Africa 11:25pm
Chocolate Perfection 11:55pm