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    David Rocco's Dolce Africa

    Premieres Wed, 20th Jun at 11pm UAE

    David Rocco's Dolce Africa tells the lesser-known stories about of the world's oldest continent. David explores the rich and diverse cultures and culinary worlds of Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar and South Africa with curiosity, an open heart and an open mind.

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    What's for Sale with a View S2

    Every Sun at 10pm UAE

    Potential homebuyers are presented three dream houses with incredible, jaw-dropping views. Drool over picture-perfect homes and the stunning vistas as you meet the buyers, hear their stories and see what’s for sale…with a view.

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    Fish Tank Kings S2

    Every Fri at 11pm UAE

    Extreme fish tanks have become the ultimate status symbol, and their creators are in high demand. The final product may be serene, but the process certainly isn’t, with high stakes and risks, the pressure is immense. Welcome to the world of the Fish Tank Kings.

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    United Plates of America

    Every Tue at 11pm UAE

    Host Gary Takle travels to the biggest American cities and explores how the culture of its migrant communities influences the local cuisine by tasting their food and experiencing their culture.


Saturday June 16 , 2018 UAE Timing
Eat Street 12:50am
Food Lover's Guide To The Planet 1:15am
A Is for Apple 1:45am
Miguel's Tropical Kitchen 2:10am
Route Awakening 2:40am
Route Awakening 3:05am
Fearless Chef 3:35am
A Is for Apple 4:30am
United Plates of America 4:55am
Angelo's Outdoor Kitchen 5:25am
Fish of the Day 5:50am
Cruise Ship Diaries 6:20am
Cruise Ship Diaries 6:45am
Confucius Was a Foodie 7:15am
Sinful Sweets 8:10am
Sinful Sweets 8:35am
Croatia's Finest 9:05am
Croatia's Finest 9:30am
Eat Street 10:00am
Eat Street 10:25am
Raw Travel 10:55am
Raw Travel 11:20am
Places We Go 11:50am
What's for Sale with a View 12:15pm
Testing the Menu With Nic Watt 12:45pm
Celebrity Chef: East vs West 1:10pm
Sara's Australia Unveiled 2:05pm
Fearless Chef 2:35pm
A Is for Apple 3:30pm
United Plates of America 3:55pm
Eat Street 4:25pm
Fish of the Day 4:50pm
Cruise Ship Diaries 5:20pm
Cruise Ship Diaries 5:45pm
Confucius Was a Foodie 6:15pm
Fish Tank Kings 7:10pm
Fearless Chef 8:05pm
A Is for Apple 9:00pm
United Plates of America 9:30pm
Eat Street 10:00pm
Fish of the Day 10:30pm
Cruise Ship Diaries 11:00pm
Cruise Ship Diaries 11:25pm
Confucius Was a Foodie 11:55pm