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    Angelo's Outdoor Kitchen

    Premieres Wed, 18th Oct at 8:30pm UAE

    This series follows the famous Chef Angelo Georgalli as he collects fresh ingredients from remote locations in New Zealand and uses his rustic portable kitchen to prepare a selection of simple, mouth-watering dishes.

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    Stepping Out

    Premieres Fri, 27th Oct at 9pm UAE

    This is a show about South East Asian online personalities who are forced out of their comfort zones to make a real difference in the world they live in.

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    My Pacific Quest

    Every Mon at 9pm UAE

    Kiwi adventurer Ellis Emmett embarks on an incredible journey across the waves of the South Pacific to explore some of the most remote islands and atolls on the planet.

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    Route Awakening S3

    Every Thu at 9pm UAE

    Historian, author and TV presenter, Dr Jonathan Clements travels vast distances to experience the unusual rituals of the minority tribes of China exploring how these traditions will remain as the winds of change sweep through their lands.


Saturday October 14 , 2017 UAE Timing
Places We Go 12:20am
Home Strange Home 12:50am
Carnival Eats 1:45am
Places We Go 2:10am
Chocolate Covered 2:40am
Chocolate Covered 3:05am
Straight To The Source: Korean Food 3:35am
Straight To The Source: Korean Food 4:00am
David Rocco's Dolce Vita 4:30am
David Rocco's Dolce Vita 4:55am
Route Awakening 5:25am
The Shelbourne 5:50am
Restoration Man 6:20am
Gok's Chinese Takeaway 7:15am
Charlie Luxton's Homes By The Sea 8:10am
Lyndey Milan - Taste of Australia 9:05am
Lyndey Milan - Taste of Australia 9:30am
My Pacific Quest 10:00am
Miguel's Tropical Kitchen 10:55am
Miguel's Tropical Kitchen 11:20am
Restoration Man 11:50am
Mega Food 12:45pm
Chocolate Covered 1:40pm
Chocolate Covered 2:05pm
Street Food Around The World 2:35pm
Street Food Around The World 3:00pm
David Rocco's Dolce Vita 3:30pm
David Rocco's Dolce Vita 3:55pm
Route Awakening 4:25pm
The Shelbourne 4:50pm
Restoration Man 5:20pm
Charlie Luxton's Homes By The Sea 6:15pm
Chasing the Sun 7:10pm
Tom's Istanbul Delight 7:35pm
Route Awakening 8:05pm
The Shelbourne 8:30pm
Restoration Man 9:00pm
Charlie Luxton's Homes By The Sea 10:00pm
Chasing the Sun 11:00pm
Tom's Istanbul Delight 11:25pm
Chocolate Covered 11:55pm