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    Restoration Man s2

    Premieres Sat, 12th Aug at 9pm UAE

    All over the country thousands of buildings lie forgotten and neglected, tangled up with red tape and development restrictions. Luckily these forgotten gems are being bought by stubborn romantics who all share one dream - they want to create a home which is totally unique.

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    World’s Greatest Food Markets

    Premieres Wed, 23rd Aug at 9pm UAE

    Set against the stunning backdrops of Mexico City, New York and Delhi, Market trader, Roger Barton, goes in search of the cut, thrust and money in some of the world's most lucrative food markets.

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    Places We Go s4

    Every Tue at 8:30pm UAE

    An adventure travel series that takes viewers on an unforgettable journey, to some of the most stunning places on the planet.

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    Sinful Sweets

    Every Thu at 9 pm UAE

    British chef and host Harry Eastwood traverses’ American cities in search of the country’s finest bakeries and dessert makers.


Monday August 14 , 2017 UAE Timing
Confucius Was a Foodie 12:50am
Lee Chan's World Food Tour 1:45am
Raw Travel 2:10am
Island Hunter 2:40am
David Rocco's Dolce India 3:35am
Delinquent Gourmet 4:00am
George Clarke's Amazing Spaces 4:30am
Places We Go 5:25am
Testing The Menu With Nic Watt 5:50am
Raw Travel 6:20am
Raw Travel 6:45am
Cesar Millan's Dog Nation 7:15am
Island Hunter 8:10am
David Rocco's Dolce India 9:05am
Delinquent Gourmet 9:30am
George Clarke's Amazing Spaces 10:00am
Places We Go 10:55am
Testing The Menu With Nic Watt 11:20am
Raw Travel 11:50am
Raw Travel 12:15pm
Cesar Millan's Dog Nation 12:45pm
Bad Trip 1:40pm
David Rocco's Dolce India 2:35pm
Delinquent Gourmet 3:00pm
George Clarke's Amazing Spaces 3:30pm
Chasing the Sun 4:25pm
Testing The Menu With Nic Watt 4:50pm
Raw Travel 5:20pm
Raw Travel 5:45pm
Cesar Millan's Dog Nation 6:15pm
Bad Trip 7:10pm
Chasing the Sun 8:05pm
Testing The Menu With Nic Watt 8:30pm
Raw Travel 9:00pm
Raw Travel 9:30pm
Cesar Millan's Dog Nation 10:00pm
Bad Trip 11:00pm
Bad Trip 11:55pm