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    Chef on the Road: In India

    Premieres Sun, 10th Dec at 9pm UAE

    Chef Ryan Clift is heading out on the road to Rajasthan in search of new flavors. At the end of an epic 14-day road trip, Ryan will present a five-course menu to the Maharaja of Jodhpur and his guests that he has to find his inspiration in double quick time.

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    A Taste of South Africa

    Premieres Wed, 27th Dec at 8:30pm UAE

    Discover the country’s delicious diversity as Chef Matt Tebbutt makes meals with farmers, chefs, cooks and an assortment of other enthusiastic eaters and explores regional specialties, heritage recipes and contemporary culture in equal measures.

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    Stepping Out

    Every Fri at 9pm UAE

    South East Asian online personalities are forced out of their comfort zones to make a real difference in the world they live in.


Thursday December 07 , 2017 UAE Timing
Ariana's Persian Kitchen 12:20am
World's Best Beaches 12:50am
David Rocco's Dolce India 1:45am
Rustic Adventures Italy 2:10am
David Rocco's Dolce India 2:40am
Sinful Sweets 3:05am
Angelo's Outdoor Kitchen 3:35am
Lee Chan's World Food Tour 4:00am
Lee Chan's World Food Tour 4:30am
Places We Go 4:55am
Places We Go 5:25am
Miguel's Feasts 5:50am
Miguel's Feasts 6:20am
John Torode's Malaysian Adventure 6:45am
Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia 7:15am
Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia 7:40am
David Rocco's Dolce India 8:10am
Sinful Sweets 8:35am
Angelo's Outdoor Kitchen 9:05am
Lee Chan's World Food Tour 9:30am
Lee Chan's World Food Tour 10:00am
Places We Go 10:25am
Places We Go 10:55am
Miguel's Feasts 11:20am
Miguel's Feasts 11:50am
John Torode's Malaysian Adventure 12:15pm
Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia 12:45pm
Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia 1:10pm
David Rocco's Dolce India 1:40pm
Sinful Sweets 2:05pm
Angelo's Outdoor Kitchen 2:35pm
Lee Chan's World Food Tour 3:00pm
Lee Chan's World Food Tour 3:30pm
Places We Go 3:55pm
Places We Go 4:25pm
Miguel's Feasts 4:50pm
Miguel's Feasts 5:20pm
Sara's Australia Unveiled 5:45pm
Fusion Forager 6:15pm
Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia 7:10pm
Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia 7:35pm
Places We Go 8:05pm
Miguel's Feasts 8:30pm
Miguel's Feasts 9:00pm
Sara's Australia Unveiled 9:30pm
Fusion Forager 10:00pm
Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia 11:00pm
Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia 11:25pm
David Rocco's Dolce India 11:55pm